NBA Star Andre Dummond Revenge Resulted in Jennette McCurdy Racy Lingerie Photos Leak?

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Following Jennette McCurdy diss to Andre Drummond, it is being predicted that the former NBA star was responsible for leaking the racy lingerie pics of the "Sam and Cat" star. However, in his defense the Detroit Pistons player took to Twitter to declare that he was not the one who leaked the pictures of his ex-girlfriend online.

Apparently, Andre was under the impressions that his fans might think, that out of revenge he leaked pics of Jennette. So, before anyone could take shots at him, Andre wrote on his official Twiiter page, "For all the speculations about leaking anything, I have nothing to do with it. I'm focused on basketball. Thank you."

Andre Drummond and Jennette McCurdy romance was one of the most short-lived romance in the history and according to 21-year-old actress interview the reason she broke-up with the NBA star as she felt there was no chemistry between the two.

"My first kiss with him was after we had gone laser tagging," explained McCurdy to, adding, "I stood on a chair... I sort of went for it. But it wasn't great. It didn't go great. No sparks and the mouth... the shapes weren't right."

The couple started dating when Andre followed Jennete on social media using #WomenCrushWednesday hashtag. However, the relationship lasted only for a week and McCurdy reportedly dumped Andre.

Andre and Jennette was an odd couple from the very beginning of their relationship and sooner or later their break-up was expected. However, what was not expected was the shocking reason Jennette gave for her break-up.

Meanwhile, after the leak of lingerie selfies, the buzz is that Jennette's show " Sam and Cat" would be cancelled. The show's target audiences fall in age bracket of 10-12 years and with photo scandal gone rampant, Nickelodeon in all probability will take the show off air.

Let us know your thoughts on Jennete McCurdy's racy lingerie pic leak. Who do you think is responsible for leaking them?

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