NBA Rumors: Magic Johnson Confesses He Never Had HIV or AIDS is Hoax

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Los Angeles Lakers basketball legend Magic Johnson hasn't been spared by controversy as of late, and this time it involves the rumors about his alleged confession that he has never been infected by HIV-AIDS.

Roughly 23 years ago, Johnson shocked the entire sporting world after he announced that he was diagnosed with HIV. He was at the peak of his basketball career at 32-years old, but all of his aspirations seemed to have turned into ashes after learning he was infected by the incurable disease.

However, there are several reports circulating that Magic never got HIV in the first place. The basketball Hall of Fame reportedly claimed that he just wanted to be a role model for people with HIV to stay optimistic in life despite having the disease.  

"I just wanted people with HIV to think more positive about having a virus that could possibly kill them, their future children and anybody they ever had sex with" Johnson said in a radio interview while promoting a new Obamacare Campaign #GetCovered via the Blade Brown Show.

The report also had Johnson dismissing the rumors that he has the cure for HIV, as he believed the only prevention for the disease is to use condoms during sexual intercourse.  

"No I don't have a cure, but did I ever really look sick? Of course not!" said Magic about the long time rumor that he had a cure for the HIV virus. "The only cure for HIV is a condom, or abstinence and let's be honest these young folks are gonna do what they want to do."

Fake Report!

Well folks, Magic Johnson still has HIV. And yes, all of the reports circulating about the former Lakers star having the cure and lying about the status of his health are all shams.

Still, the fight goes on for the 54-year old Johnson, has been able to prevent it from becoming a full-blown AIDS by taking a regimen of three or four antiretroviral drugs, which is collectively called in medical term as HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapy).

"There is nothing unique about Magic," Spencer Lieb, senior epidemiologist and HIV/AIDS research coordinator for the Florida Consortium for HIV/AIDS Research told Live Science. "There are still people alive and kicking and doing very well 20 and 30 years after infection."

Johnson, who is currently an analyst for ESPN, businessman and philanthropist, has managed to keep his life longer than expected by taking it the right away and observing a healthy life style.

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