'NBA' Regular Season Over: Playoff Results a Shocker, Tie-Ups, Upsets, and Results

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Brooklyn Nets 88, Miami Heat 87
Brooklyn Nets 88, Miami Heat 87 Reuters

NBA's season 2013-2014 is already done. For the teams that didn't make the playoffs, it's an early rest. For the ones playing, it's like a battle to the death. The Playoffs has already started, and the first few game results are full of homecourt upsets, and surprises. Here are the results of the games that has happened lately in the NBA.

According to the playoff predictions by Sean O'Donell from bleacherreport.com, the lsited NBA's playoff picture has actually come to fruition, and the first results of their games may indicate of what's to come for these teams.

Starting off with the Eastern Conference Division, the Indiana Pacers claimed the no. 1 seed unchallenged in the remaining days of the season. Miami Heat, which has been seen to play a great season, conceded indirectly to vie for the top spot. This "strategy" was evident as Miami's Lebron James and Chris Bosh decided not to play with the Washington Wizards in the final week of the regular season.Indiana Pacers lost to the Atlanta Hawks in their first bout with the score 93-101 in Hawks favor. Next game will be Wednesday, April 23. Miami Heat on the other hand beat the Charlotte Bobcats 99-88. They will face again come April 24.

The Toronto Raptors and Chicago Bulls are tied for the rankings, but the Raptors will take the third seed as they're up by one in their road win/loss statistics over the Bulls. The Bulls lands in no. 4 seed.The Toronto Raptors was beaten by the Brooklyn Nets 94-87. The Washington Wizards then won against the Chicago Bulls with the final score 102-93.

For the fifth seed, the Brooklyn Nets is set to take the spot with their winning ball games recently. The sixth seed has finally been secured by the Washington Wizards as they defeated the "Lebron and Bosh-less" Heat Monday night.

In the bottom of the Eastern rankings, Charlotte Bobcats took the seventh seed, and Atlanta Hawks clinging nicely on the eighth seed.

For the Western Conference Division, San Antonio Spurs, who took the lead in the division's top playoff spot finished the Mavericks with by 5 points. Final score was 90-85. The Oklahoma City Thunder goes neck and neck with the Memphis Grizzlies, tied in the series of 1 - 1 and will face each other again April 25.

Same results go for the Los Angeles Clippers (Lob City) at no. 3 spot and no. 6 seed Golden State Warriors tied 1 -1.

No. 4-ranked Houston Rockets and no. 5 seed Portland Trailblazers had a close game, but the Trailblazers stole the win with the score 122-120.

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