NBA News: Jordan Shoes Out in the Market in 2015; MJ Concerned Over Quality Issues - Source Says

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Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan's famous sneakers might be in its last year in the market following rumours that the Nike subsidiary will discontinue the sales of its products in 2015.

According to Nia Noelle of Power 107.5, Jordan is contemplating to end his association with Nike over quality issues. The six-time NBA champion and the man known as the greatest basketball player of all time has reportedly not been happy about the quality of his Jordan Brand in the last few years, giving him reasons to think about cutting off partnership with the company.

"Say it aint so!!!!  Rumour has it that Michael Jordan will discontinue all sales of his Jordan brand shoes in 2015! Word is Jordan has been getting complaints about the quality of the shoes being put out and has been at odds with the company.

In an interview on the Blade Brown Show, Jordan stressed his concern about the quality of his Jordan shoes and the looming end of one of Nike's most marketable sister company.

"I didn't enter the shoe game to sell anything but the best when it comes to the quality of an athletic shoe and for the past few years I haven't been happy, I refuse to continue any longer. Jordan will be done as a brand starting 2015, will I have another clothing venture?, who can predict the future? I just want to take the free time to enjoy my new wife and twins," Jordan said during the interview.

The Jordan Brand has just celebrated its 30 anniversary since the launching of the very first sneaker manufactured by Nike for the Bulls superstar. Throughout the years, Jordan has garnered millions of dollars and still earned bigger money than any active NBA players because of the popularity of his sneakers.

In fact, Jordan reportedly earned a whooping $90 million in 2013, and a part of his wealth is coming from the sales of his Jordan shoes.

"Jordan made an estimated $90 million last year thanks to the rich partnership he enjoys with Nike. His 2013 earnings eclipsed those of all other retired or current athletes save boxer Floyd Mayweather," Forbes reported.

"It marked Jordan's biggest earnings year yet in a career paved with monster paydays, which peaked in Jordan's last season with the Bulls (1997-98) at $80 million."

Whether Jordan Brand's upcoming end is true or just plain rumour, there's no doubt that Jordan has preserved his status as the most marketable athlete of all time. His gravity-defying and explosive performance on the court has transitioned well to the world of business, where he continues to keep cashing on his popularity.

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