NBA News: Golden State Warriors-Detroit Pistons Tug-of-War for Stan Van Gundy

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The Golden State Warriors appeared to have the inside track in hiring Stan Van Gundy as head coach. Not anymore as the Detroit Pistons are apparently in the chase as well offering that position plus as the president of basketball operations for the franchise.

According to sources by and initially reported by Yahoo Sports, Van Gundy or “SVG” likes the Pistons’ offer better now over the Warriors’ owing to the fact that the veteran mentor has never had total control of a team during his stint with the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic in previous years.

If SVG takes the job in Detroit, he’ll spurn the opportunity to work in his hometown Golden State.

The coach-general manager set-up is not new in the league. Most recent “double” signing includes Doc Rivers in Los Angeles and the most popular is Gregg Popovich in San Antonio. Aside from handling their players in the court they also have a major voice acquisition and turnover of players and coaches for a total control of the franchise.

In an interview with an Orlando radio station, Van Gundy was still unsure of his decision to go back to the coaching fold.

"Part of me does, and part of me doesn't," Van Gundy said. "Look, we're so happy in Central Florida. It would really have to be a great situation for me to get back in. I miss a lot of it. I really do. I miss the competition. I miss the challenge. I miss the camaraderie of it. But I also like the time that I've had, so we'll just have to see what happens. You weigh every situation.”

"Names come up on every job, and my name's been mentioned in a few. But I think the Warrior one comes up because I'm from out there. I went to high school in the Bay Area. I grew up out there. I said several times during my coaching career when we would go play out there that it was always important to me playing out there because I grew up [there].”

That interview was last week before the Pistons came in with a lucrative offer. Golden State is also interested in Steve Kerr but even that proposition looks bleak as the former NBA player is apparently just finalizing a deal to coach the New York Knicks.

The Warriors brass fired head coach Mark Jackson days after their playoff run; with the recent developments it appears they won’t have an immediate replacement for that job.

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