NBA News: Golden State Warriors Caught & Fired Assistant Coach For Spying

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The Golden State Warriors fired assistant coach Darren Erman for secretly taping conversation between coaches and players, which is considered violation of company policy.

Erman, who served as Warriors head coach Mark Jackson's second assistant, was fired by the team management for act detrimental to the team's rules and regulation. According to source, Erman recorded coaches' meetings, talks between the coaches and players, and informal huddle among coaches in the room without the knowledge of the participants.

"He was taping everything," one source told Chris Broussard of ESPN. "Taping pregame speeches wouldn't have been that bad, but he was taping guys just sitting around talking in the coaches' office."

The Warriors also observed a change in the coach's behavior in March before they finally caught him on the act weeks later.

"The Warriors' other coaches began noticing a change in Erman's demeanor and behavior in March, a source said. A few weeks later, they discovered that he was recording them," ESPN reported.

Erman is now the Director of NBA scouting for the Boston Celtics.

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