NBA News: Dwyane Wade Says LeBron James’ Free-Agency Not Depending Solely on Health

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Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade said there are several factors that could affect LeBron James' free-agency this summer, stressing it's unfair to make his health a deciding element in the four-time MVP's decision to stay or leave Miami.

Wade, who is having a vintage run after resting for most of the regular-season, said his health and ability to play at All-Star level isn't only the factor that LeBron would consider when it comes to impending free-agency.   

"Just don't solely put it on me," Wade said, laughing. "That's what I'm saying. Don't put the X on me. ... There's a lot that goes into, so just don't say, 'If Dwyane Wade doesn't have the year that we're accustomed to, it's over."

The 10-time NBA All-Star also discussed his condition after going through 15 excruciating playoff games already, with the all-important Game 6 against the Indiana Pacers taking place Friday.

"The first round was me just kind of trying to get my footing a little bit, trying to do some of the things that I was capable of doing, trying to see if I could do it," Wade said in an interview with USA Today. "Then the second round came a little more and then the third round."

"Now I'm in the groove and the flow that I want to be in, and also understanding that the game of basketball is tricky. You can get out of it in a second, and you've got to figure out a way still to compete and help your teammates win."

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