NBA News: Ballmer’s Failures in Past Leads To Purchase of Clippers

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The failures of former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to come up with arena deals in three separate occasions has apparently helped him in his bid to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers, according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN.

Ballmer along with California hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen have made aggressive bids to purchase three different NBA teams on sale in the last two years. In their pursuit of re-establishing an NBA franchise in Seattle, the Ballmer and Hansen tandem attempted to buy the Sacramento Kings, Milwaukee Bucks and the Minnesota Timberwolves before its owner pulled his team off the market after receiving $50 million in public money to renovate the Target Center in Minneapolis.

However, their attempts all ended in futility and that prompted Ballmer to make a solo exploration in buying the Clippers once it became available on the market.   

"When the Clippers became available, Ballmer moved on from his Seattle aspirations, and he has agreed to purchase 100 percent of the Clippers himself and keep them in Los Angeles," ESPN reported.

"The NBA backed Ballmer in the sales process with Shelly Sterling and likely will grant him a quick and smooth approval. Although it was not Ballmer's intention, the role he played in helping force arena deals in Sacramento and Minnesota plus starting the process in Milwaukee played a role in NBA commissioner Adam Silver helping him land the Clippers, multiple league sources told ESPN."

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