NBA 2K14 Tips and Tricks: Top 5 Free Agent Pickups In MyGM Mode


There's no trick on how to make a good lineup in MyGM mode with a fantasy draft in NBA 2K14. But here's a few of the best free agent pickups available in MyGM or Association mode. Remember that ratings, roster updates and skills fluctuate over seasons.

1.    Nick Calathes: Overall Rating: 63

Players need to bring off the bench ideally to do this very well. Your team's starting lineup should give a balance of choices and your bench unit should have a guy who scores, another who rebounds, someone who defends and one who distributes. Nick Calathes can be the guy who can distribute for your team. Nick's pass rating dovetails with his Pick and Roll and Passer skills to create a player that's both effective and fun to use off the bench. His mid-range game is decent.

2.   Pablo Prigioni: Overall Rating: 67

Prigioni is a good passer whose best skill in NBA 2K14 is a spot-up 3-point shooter and defender. With an interceptor skill and mid-80s steal rating, Prigioni can be a good bench option. His high 3-point shooting skill can also be a weapon and it's best to start the play with, look for him and open on the perimeter once you're in action.

3.   Shaun Livingston: Overall Rating: 62

Livingston has his height going for him. At 6-7, he is one of the tallest point guards in the NBA 2K14 and it can make him a matchup danger zone, especially when used in a physical way. He has an excellent close shooting rating with a good lay-up rating, which means he can get to the hoops and finish, especially against the smaller guards. Don't expect him to hit a lot of jumpers with him, though.

4.   Reggie Bullock: Overall Rating: 64

Here's a list of what Reggie Bullock has 3-point shooting skill, size and a fast release. At 6-7, Bullock is a huge shooting guard or a relatively small forward so he can fill both roles off the bench.His 3-point in the low 80s makes him good in offenses of coming down screens in sets.

5.   Martell Webster: Overall Rating: 68

Webster is one of the best 3-point shooters you can get out of free agency. He's a great pick if you want instant offense from your bench. He has great corner, catch and shoot skills, perfect for bench units with no dynamic scorers.

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