NBA 2K14 PS4 & Xbox One Mods, Patches, Gameplay: Superheroes Mod Download Links, Latest Patch Announced, Rosters Updated

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NBA 2K14 players will be soon accustomed to a couple of new faces after a new set of roster update brought in players like Greg Oden, who used to be a promising star who missed a few season. Greg Oden got back to the court on Jan. 15 for the first time since December 2009 and it means he is a part of the latest roster update. Ronnie of 2K Sports tweeted about Oden and the update on Jan. 17. "#NBA2K14 roster update goes live overnight, including Greg Oden's return, @RajonRondo's return from injuries and Hedo Turkoglu's signing among other changes," he posted.

In other news, 2K Sports Games announced on Twitter that a fourth patch is to be released to the Xbox One. The 2K Web site confirmed that the patch is intended for the Xbox One but it did not say anything about the update being on PlayStation 4. As 2K Sports stated on Twitter: "#NBA2K14 Patch 4 submitted to first party. It looks to address the Xbox One drop to main menu problem among other fixes. Usual 10-14 day approval process."

NBA 2K14 has enjoyed a huge release from the start but players have had their fair share of issues and complaints about server glitches during different modes. However, in spite of the complaints, the title has received very high ratings and it is seen as a great update from NBA 2K13, which has been a very successful game as well. The more realistic gameplay and improved graphics have received praise with the various game modes available for players.

Among several of the improvements in the gameplay include the much smoother movements rather than the old robotic characters. Also, other extra features like the ability to get technical fouls through the Xbox One's Kinect are getting a lot of attention from the fans as a couple of people have posted on Twitter about their new and enjoyable gaming experience.

A modder names MGX has also added 25 well known superheroes to the roaster in a modded NBA 2K14 PC. His first project was for NBA 2K14 PC called Avengers vs. Justice League and it consists of two teams with the 25 superheroes. The Justice League Starting 5 includes Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Cyborg and Flash while the Avengers Starting 5 includes Captain America, Thor, Spiderman, Hulk and Iron Man. The mod features custom court with comic-con logos, blue and red jerseys with team logos and assigned in-game edited shoes. Download and install the Mod below:

Created by: MGX Download: Depositfiles | Mega | Mediafire | 4shared

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