'NBA 2K14' Locker Codes PS4 Xbox One: Ways to Get 'Random Items' for Basketball Title

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NBA 2K has released an all new and random locker code that allows players to get anything from Diamond Durant or Diamond KD to 100 Virtual Currency coins.

The 2014 NBA Playoffs is ongoing and currently in the Conference Finals phase. Now, more fiery gamers of "NBA 2K14" are playing for a lot of reasons. Perhaps, a few is enjoying another season in The Association or in the MyPlayer mode, others prefer playing online, while the next generation players fancy the exceptionally intense "The Park" game mode. Nevertheless, a lot of gamers are still playing the "NBA 2K14" because 2K keeps on putting on Locker Codes for free stuff for use in the game.

For those who do not know, the most recent array of codes for both present and next-generation game consoles were released earlier this month. This latest set of Locker Codes, which were released three weeks ago are the same with the codes were for random stuff. Meaning, the gamers can acquire anything, varying from Diamond Cash to good amount of Virtual Currency. The sheer unpredictability of what players can get in these sets of cards is the unique part of the Locker Codes. As of now, the big cards at the first list for NBA 2K players include Diamond Tim Duncan, Diamond Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant cards. However, players of NBA 2K could always use more Virtual Currency than the aforementioned cards.

There are two codes to decide which one (one for PS3 or Xbox 360 game and one for PS4 or Xbox One) is for each console. For those who do not have any idea in entering codes, here are the steps that will guide you on how to do it.      

1. Go to the main menu.

2. Click on the Locker Codes.

3. Input the "NBA 2K14" Locker Code.

4. Click on the virtual keyboard and your random reward will be revealed to you.

Here are the two sets of codes for both sets of consoles.


Keep in mind that these codes only work for a limited time so, you need to move fast to be able to redeem your Random Item.

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