Naya Rivera, Farrah Abraham, and Courtney Stodden—Most Shocking Celebrity Boob Jobs!

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The celebrity world is full of plastics—no, not the group Regina George in the "Mean Girls" built, but another group of people who glorify the use of cosmetic surgery. Among the famous type of surgery sought by celebrities, the boob job (or breast augmentation) takes the cake. A boob job can be done in two ways to either increase the size or reduce its size, and celebs have been known to do a lot of these "changes" when they have the means to do so.

And while boobs have been reduced in significance as an emblem of feminine beauty (unlike in older days), many celebrities still seek the infamous cosmetic surgery. Below is a list of those who sought surgery, but turned out a bit overboard.

#5 Courtney Stodden

The teen bride of Doug Hutchinson has raked in criticisms, as she married the then 51-year-old actor. Courtney was only 16 years old when she tied the knot with the actor. After that, the teen bride has had major transformations with her body—her breasts included. From being cup C, FoxNews reports the teen bride increased her cup size to DD.

#4 Victoria Beckham

Posh spice augmented her cup size, clearly obvious from her photo shoots in recent years. However, the former Spice Girls member has tried to revert to her old frame by taking out her not-so proportional implants out. She admitted to taking out her implants in an interview with Allure magazine.

#3 Naya Rivera

Undoubtedly, Naya Rivera has one of the best bodies in Hollywood. However, a HollywoodLife report states the "Glee" star has been making fans ask whether she got enhancements after posting a busty bikini pic on her Instagram account. According to surgeons who viewed her before and recent pics, Rivera did seem have gotten an enhancement on her chest. She increased her cup size from B to D.

#2 Farrah Abraham

The teen mom tried to up the ante of her appearance by getting a boob job that increased her cup size significantly. Abraham flaunted her new boobs in an X-rated video featuring her and another famous porn star, James Dean. According to the teen mom, the video was supposedly leaked, but after a number of interviews, the 22-year-old mother of a daughter, finally admitted to doing the porn clip.

#1 Sheyla Hershey

A Brazilian-born model takes the cake for the most shocking boob job ever! Heavy reveals that the model was so desperate to get the world's biggest breasts that she went under the knife to enhance her boobs to 38KKK. Yes, you read that right, KKK.

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