Naya Rivera aka Santana Sizzles in New Sexy Music Video, Graduating from Glee? [VIDEO]

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Naya Rivera has moved on from pulling high school cheerleader stunts to playing sexy space shuttle vixen in a music video. Does this mean she is leaving Glee Season 4?

Rivera covers Muse's "Supermassive Black Hole" in a music video with 2Cellos (Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser). The space shuttle set could have exploded from Rivera's blazing seductive moves if it went on a minute longer.

Rivera, who is sometimes described as the hottest Glee character, has already appeared with 2Cellos with Sebastian (Grant Gustin). Other artists teaming up with 2Cellos for their "In2ition" album include Elton John, Zucchero and Sky Ferreira.

Glee Season 4: Naya Rivera

Rivera has appeared in a couple of Glee Season 4 episodes before the series went on a holiday break. Her character Santana has broken up with girlfriend Brittany. But Rivera has told The Hollywood Reporter her "fingers are crossed" for the couple to make things work someday. This could mean Rivera is not saying goodbye to Glee this season.

Rivera's figure-hugging clothes in the recent Glee episodes are revealing the woman that Santana has become - confident, composed and as always -- feisty. If you haven't, you should watch Santana's homecoming confrontation with Quinn. (They're a family all right. They hug-then-bicker-out during Thanksgiving.)

Naya Rivera with 2Cellos: Supermassive Black Hole [VIDEO]

If this is what Rivera can do for a duo's album, how hotter could things get in her own music videos?

Here are some of the YouTube comments on Naya's hot video:

This song is way too auto tuned. She doesn't need this... you cant even hear her voice behind all the crap. - Bamsambam33

Pretty sure I just got pregnant from watching this.. - ElphSk8

How they continued to play their cello's whilst she was doing that between them I will never know- Char Hanley

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