Naturally Beautiful Celebrities Who Still Had Plastic Surgery [BEFORE and AFTER PHOTOS]


One might think that these celebrities are already perfect, but it seems "contentment" is not part of their beauty vocabulary. Find out which female celebrities had their faces altered on the doctor's table despite their naturally beautiful looks.

Being famous in the entertainment industry means constantly getting under massive scrutiny, and sometimes it eggs even the most beautiful celebrities to "go under the kinfe" to perfect their looks. Singer Taylor Swift, though already angel-looking and slender, is reported to have gone under breast implants.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most famous procedures celebrities get from their doctors. Getting a "Rhinoplasty" means re-shaping the structure of the nose to the client's preferred look. You'd be surprised how many famous stars had a "nosejob," and this includes famous model Tyra Banks, "Gossip "Girl actress, Blake Lively, and newly-pregnant reality star, Kim Kardashian.

Some stars had Rhinoplasty for medical purposes as well. "Friends" star, Jennifer Aniston, admitted to have rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum.

Toubled star, Lindsay Lohan has had many surgeries done to alter her looks. She had injections for her lips and cheeks, and had her nose re-constructed. Megan Fox went under the same procedures, as if she's not already smoldering hot.

Reality star, Heidi Montag, is also one of the female celebrities who have had too many plastic surgeries. It is said that the celebrity had chin reduction, repeated botox procedures, neck liposuction, fat injections on cheeks and lips, a nose job, breast augmentation, and liposuction on her waist and thighs. With all of these, she looks far from her "girl-next-door" beginnings in MTV's "Laguna Beach."

Superbowl's "Halftime Heroine," Beyonce, might be tagged as one of the most beautiful celebrities of today, but that did not stop her from getting her nose fixed. It appears that Queen B wanted a slimmer nose, and she got it, thanks to her surgeon.

Box office queens Julia Roberts and Aussie actress, Nicole Kidman, both had nosejobs,and admitted to have had several Botox injections to get that "elastic skin" look. 

These celebrities might have done drastic moves to look flawless on their photographs and movies, but will they look the same 10 to 15 years from now? What's stopping them from getting more work done and are they still considered beautiful? Voice your opinions in the comments section below.

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