A National Park in the Moon, Hope Americans

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It has been proposed that a national park will be established in the landing sites of moon. Reuters

A national park wil be established on the landing sites on the Moon, used by missions between 1969 and 1972 by Apollo, proposed a bill introduced on July 8, 2013, and now, it is said that the bill is being put to action. Donna Edwards and Eddie Bernice Johnson, representatives from Maryland and Texas, respectively, brought forward a bill that would establish the Apollo Lunar Landing Sites National Historical Park. The bill also proposed to preserve any artefacts left behind during Apollo 11 till Apollo 17.

The Apollo Lunar Landing Legacy Act, House of Representatives 2617, states, "As commercial enterprises and foreign nations acquire the ability to land on the Moon, it is necessary to protect the Apollo lunar landing sites for posterity." It was noted that, in American history, the Apollo lunar program was one of the gratest achievements.  

Manned missions to the Moon are low on the world's ist of space exploration priorities but still this measure has come in place. One year after the bill passes, run by NASA and Department of the Interior, this historical park will be set up. Donations from private companies would be allowed by the government to "provide visitor services and administrative facilities within reasonable proximity to the Historical Park."

The bill states that the park will provide for greater recognition and public understanding of the singular achievement in American history. In the bill, the "Apollo Lunar Landing Sites" refer to all the areas of the moon where astronauts and instruments touched the lunar surface, which were connected to the Apollo programme between 1969 and 1972.

The responsibilites and duties of NASA and Department of Interiors include  managing access to the sites, coordination with other spacefaring nations and entities, and ensuring an accurate cataloguing of items in the park. After the park's establishment, the bill calls for the submission of the Apollo 11 lunar landing site to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation(UNESCO) for designation as a "World Heritage Site" by the heads of NASA and Department of the Interior.

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