Natalia Poklonskaya: Fake Twitter Account for Crimea’s Pretty Attorney-General & Anime Fan Art (SEE HER ANIME IMAGES)

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One press conference and a movie-star face were all it took to launch Natalia Poklonskaya, Crimea's new and very beautiful attorney-general, to Internet fame.

Although the 33-year-old brains and beauty lawyer said she is unaware of her newfound cyber-fame, one proof that she has arrived is that there is already a fake Twitter account of her using the handle @NPoklonskaya.

Netizens Notice Natalia Poklonskaya, Beautiful Crimean Lawyer

The Crimean lawyer had stated on March 19 that she has no social networking accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, but a day after, the impostor posted a tweet in Japanese language, thanking fans in Japan for their creativity and even saying, "I love you" in Japanese characters.

While many women would be flattered by the global appreciation over their physical beauty, Ms Poklonskaya would rather be known for something else. She said, quoted by The Voice of Russia, "I want to be viewed as the Attorney General, and I want to be evaluated on the way in which I do my job. I'm putting tremendous effort into that."

Her image has spawned fan art in which she is portrayed as an anime heroine, specifically in Pixiv, the Japanese artwork-sharing Web site. 2ch, the largest online forum in Japan, clarified that she is not a sex symbol in Japan but more of a cute symbol.

Kotaku explained that one possible reason why Japanese netizens focused on her face rather than what she said was that the video of her press conference -  viewed almost 300,000 times after it was posted in several Japanese social media platforms - did not have Japanese subtitles.

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