'Nariana' Over: Ariana Grande Confirms Split from Nathan Sykes

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Nathan Sykes has had a terrible start this 2014. Aside from his boy band, The Wanted, announcing their split early this week, his lady love, Ariana Grande spilled the details on their break-up. After weeks of no news from the "Nariana" couple, Grande confirms that she and Nathan Sykes have already called it quits.

It's a sad day for The Wanted and "Nariana" fans. Early this week, the boys had announced their split. Now, fans have to deal with another blow to the heart following Ariana Grande's latest interview involving The Wanted's Nathan Sykes.

For weeks, fans of the "Nariana" couple have been wondering if Nathan and Ariana are still together. Rumours of their break up first started thanks to an interview where Grande talked about her "unhealthy relationship." It doesn't help that on the social networking site, Twitter, Grande and Sykes do not follow each other.

In December, fans had hoped for a romantic reunion between the long distance lovers but no such reunion occurred. On New Year's Eve, again fans had hoped the "Nariana" couple would share their romantic getaway but there was none.

Finally, after weeks of not hearing from the couple, Grande dishes all the details and confirms the rumours. "Nariana" has indeed broken up.

"We broke up a little while ago but he's a really good friend. He's so talented. I am so glad to met him and have a friend like him in my life. He's an amazing person. It was very civil. It was mutual... you know. He's such a great person. I adore him and he is so talented," says Grande in an interview with DJ Showbiz Shelly (via Popcrush).

This definitely comes as a surprise given reports claim Nathan Sykes had just recently visited Grande in Los Angeles. Of course, this could simply be a "friendly" visit and nothing romantic of sorts. Hopefully, the "Nariana" couple reconcile because in the world of Hollywood, getting back together after a split is quite normal.

For now, Nathan could help boost Grande's confidence a bit after she had to deal with rude and insensitive comments about her Grammy Awards outfit last Sunday night.

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