Naked on TV: Striptease on Argentine Dance Contest

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Think Janet Jackson's "accidental" Justin Timberlake-induced nipple slip a few years ago at the Super Bowl was a bit much skin for the eye?

That kind of thing is quite vanilla seemingly, compared to the skin seen on Monday night's Argentine version of "Dancing With The Stars," "Bailando por un Sueño," where South American model and reality TV star Cinthia Fernandez concluded her dance number completely naked.

The dance starts off with Fernandez and her partner, Marcelo Tinelli, in racy toga outfits. What follows turned out to be less of a choreographed masterpiece and more of a mutual strip tease, where Frenandez and Tinelli pulled off each others' threads piece by piece revealing smaller and smaller outfits while they writhe around like snakes and contort in front of a studio audience numbering in the hundreds.

It is not long before Fernandez is grinding in her partner's lap while he pours wine over her almost-naked body (in vino veritas?). She's wearing only a G-string and he's in his Speedo, and just when you thought it couldn't get any raunchier, he rips off her panties and she is standing there, on national television, completely naked. The clincher? Her parents were seated at the front row seats as they were given free tickets to the show.

This type of skin spectacle is not unheard of on "Bailando por un Sueño." Last year, another dancer bared her breasts and performed moves that clearly belonged to an exotic dance club than an elegant ballroom.

Nevertheless, the stripping is within the rules of the show. Fernandez, a former Argentinian "Big Brother" contestant, has in the past bared all in photos for the magazine H Para Hombres.

In spite of the controversy arising from last night's show, the video of the dance become a viral hit online. It generated more than 10,000 views on YouTube from its posting late Monday until it was removed Tuesday.

Credit should be given where it's due however. If as a contestant the audience didn't remember her or respond to her earlier, they sure will now!

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