MyBucks: The New StarBucks App For Windows Phone

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Windows Phone
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For Windows Phone users that frequently goes to Starbucks, MyBucks is a new StarBucks app can now be downloaded from Windows Phone Store. According to WPCentral, the new app is developed by the person behind the famous Instagram and Twitter stat app UnfollowSpy, Elliot Forde.

The MyBucks app provides a well-organised dashboard that shows nearby StarBucks Stores and user's StarBucks cards and rewards status. A user can sign in to its existing StarBucks account and download all the registered cards. New users can create a StarBucks account and add cards as well. Users can earn stars and benefits with the use the te MyBucks app. Users can also keep track of its StarBucks card by the use of its Windows Phone wallet.

Reloading of cards are not yet available from the app but this feature is reported to come in a future update, according to WPCentral. This app only allow users to add and manage cards. MyBucks is integrated with the windows Phone wallet which will be very convenient if users have a lot of card apps.

After trying the app, WPCentral suggests Windows Phone users to try on the MyBucks app. The app makes it easy for StarBucks customers to pay with the use of its Windows Phone. It can also add new cards on it, earn points and get rewards. A user can start from the Welcome level, to Green level and to Gold level and can receive benefits in each tier. The rewards can be monitored on the Rewards Status straight from the Dashboard. The app can be used to pay at Starbucks just by shaking the phone and it becomes ready to scan and pay the StarBucks bill.. WPCentral appreciates the feature where it can track the nonexistent Star level. WPCentral suggests frequent StarBucks customers that are using Windows Phone to use MyBucks for easy payment on drinks. The new app is offered for free at the Windows Phone Store.

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