My Kitchen Rules’ Spice Girls Jessie Khan and Biswa Kamila Received Death Threats from Viewers


My Kitchen Rules contestants Jessie Khan and Biswa Kamila claimed to have received death threats after they have become the topic of the show's comeback.

Viewers commented harshly on the two after dishing on fellow contestants and criticising their food choices in the Channel 7 show.

The high school friends from Sydney make no apologies for their unabashed confidence, despite critics calling them "immature" and "annoying". Thus, they have been accused of being devoid of basic manners, lacking table etiquette and hating too many foods to ever make it as professional chefs.

The pair has been heavily criticized for being picky eaters and negative comments towards their fellow contestants. Many Twitter viewers suggest that they should not be on the show if they do not like foods such as vegetables.

"We have had death threats. Someone said, 'If we see them we are going to stab them'. It feels like the whole of Australia hates us. We are just saying everything truthfully. We're not trying to lie or backstab or anything. If we say, 'We don't like this', we don't personally mean I don't like you, we mean we just don't like your food. How hard is it to distinguish between those two? It's a competition, it's never a personal attack, " Kamila said.

Viewers said that the two joined the show only for the fame, which Kamila denied.

"For us, it was all about cooking the best food. We didn't even care about the money ... when Manu and Pete said, 'There's $250,000 involved', we were like, 'Really? We had better get to it.' We just wanted to cook," she said.

The pair endured vicious online comments with the aid of their boyfriends. Their boyfriends defended the pair, saying their cooking is fantastic.

My Kitchen Rules beat Ten's MasterChef: The Professionals in terms of ratings as over one million people watched the show. 

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