My Kitchen Rules: Spice Girls Annoy Viewers?


My Kitchen Rules contestants Jessie Khan and Biswa Kamila have become the topic of the show's comeback.

The high school friends from Sydney make no apologies for their unabashed confidence, despite critics calling them "immature" and "annoying".

"Maybe we shouldn't have been so upfront but this is who we are. We will always say what's on our minds," Kamila said.

Khan seconded Kamila saying, "We're straightforward. Like, if you don't take us with a pinch of salt you will probably hate us. We're quite upfront about how we feel about things. Like, we're quite opinionated."

"People usually think we're total dumb arses, but we don't care. We know who we are and we know what we want," she quickly added.

The pair has been heavily criticized for being picky eaters and negative comments towards their fellow contestants. Many Twitter viewers suggest that they should not be on the show if they do not like foods such as vegetables.

"People will love to hate us, definitely. They will love us very much or hate us very much. There won't be anything in between. Don't you want to spice up your life? Good or bad we will entertain you on the show," Kamila said confidently.

The pair revealed that they always had trouble making friends. Their characters have drawn comparisons to The Shire pair Sophie and Vernesa and it seems just like the reality show "wifeys", Biswa and Khan feel their looks are very important.

My Kitchen Rules beat Ten's MasterChef: The Professionals in terms of ratings as over one million people watched the show. 

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