'My Kitchen Rules' Competitors Christo Gibson and Bianca Johnston Dating? On-Set Source Reveals They Made Out in Front of Other Contestants

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Are "My Kitchen Rules" (MKR) competitors Christo Gibson and Bianca Johnston dating? It looks like they are because an on-set source revealed that they made out in front of the other MKR contestants in one of the episodes of Australia's popular reality cooking competition.

According to Woman's Day, Gibson, who is part of the Melbourne, Victoria (VIC 2) team with best mate Harry Curtis, is reportedly smitten with fellow contestant and rival Bianca Johnston from the Tasmania team with best friend Thalia Papadakis. Apparently, the feeling is mutual.

Sparks reportedly flew between the single amateur chefs during the Instant Restaurant round. It is also said that this is where the two shared their first kiss.

"Bianca caught Christo's eye immediately," said the Woman's Day on-set source.

"It started to heat up at MKR social gatherings out at restaurants and bars after hours," added the on-set source of Woman's Day.

Woman's Day also reported that 20-year-old Bianca and 26-year-old Christo were reportedly together all the time, especially during the Instant Restaurant round when the other teams go out for drinks.

According to Daily Mail, Gibson's teammate Harry was initially interested in Bianca too, but Christo beat him to the punch and made his move towards Bianca as soon as he can. Luckily for him, Bianca seems to like him as well.

On Monday, Feb. 10, 2014, Bianca and Thalia were shown cooking food such as brandy pâté with homemade brioche and chutney (which was a hit) for the entrée, salmon baked in paper and served with chat potatoes (which took about two hours to make!) for the main dish and Bombe Alaska for dessert.

The Tasmanian girls chose the name The Market Kitchen for their restaurant and decorated the place with brown paper tablecloths and jam jar bombonieres.

Although they took so long to finish the main dish of salmon baked in paper and served with chat potatoes, Bianca and Thalia still managed to earn a total score of 85 out of 110 points. They even got perfect scores from Pete and Manu for their homemade brioche and chutney entrée! Click HERE to watch MKR Series 5 Episode 9 "Instant restaurant 2-3: Thalia & Bianca" from  PrimeTV.

As for Harry and Christo, they planned to cook a caramelised onion tart for their entrée, smoked mozzarella and prosciutto rolled veal for their main dish and blueberry frangipane tart with blueberry ripple ice cream (This was shown on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014). However, things go awry, no thanks to Harry and his mistakes including over-kneading the pastry, knocking over a carton of eggs and inevitably wounding himself in the process.

The boys served their dinner guests the tart with roast tomatoes and they loved it, particularly Manu and Pete. But, the main dish of veal and potato croquettes and the blueberry frangipane tart with blueberry ripple ice cream dessert didn't fare well. Manu complained that there was no sauce on the veal.

Ultimately, Christo and Harry only got 44 out of 110 points.  Click HERE to watch MKR Series 5 Episode 10 "Instant restaurant 2-4: Harry & Christo" from  HaxoTV.

So far, it looks like the Tasmanian girls are better cooks than the Melbourne guys. Will this pose a problem for Christo and Bianca? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more "My Kitchen Rules" updates in the coming days.


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