‘My Kitchen Rules’ Besties Carly and Tresne Reveal They Are Actually Married


“My Kitchen Rules” contestants Carly Saunders and Tresne Middleton aren’t just best friends, they are actually “married.” The teacher and estate agent revealed that they had a commitment ceremony to recognise their love for each other, and just downplayed their relationship in the small screen.

“Yes, we’re in love!” they proudly proclaimed to New Idea magazine.

They were introduced as best friends to Australia when the Seven Network reality show debuted in January. However, as it turned out, they were more than friends, but they asked the producers to keep the real status of their relationship a secret.

“We wanted to go on the show as ourselves and have people judge us on our cooking and not our sexual preference,” Carly, the school teacher, explained, adding that they did not even tell the producers and the other contestants that they were together at first.

“Channel Seven were so good to us and very understanding.”

Although they kept it a secret, the producers quickly picked up that they were not just friends, as they had indicated in their application. The other contestants also learned that they were married early in the competition.

Carly, 32, and Tresne, 29, met eight years ago, and had an intimate commitment ceremony in March 2012 infront of family and friends.

“We know same-sex marriage is not recognised in Australia so we’re going to wait, but then we thought we should do it while we were still young and pretty,” Carly said.

The couple shouldn’t have worried about how Australia would perceive them, though. Their revelation sparked positive reactions from the show’s fans on Twitter.

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