'My Five Wives' Revelations And Episode 2 Airdate: Meet the Controversial Wives Married to Polygamist Brady Williams

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As "The Bachelor" comes to end, get ready for your next favorite reality show TLC's "My Five Wives." The show which premiered on March 10 was marred by various controversies due its concept of polygamy. The show revolves around the life of construction company owner Brady Williams and his fives wives and their 24 children. Before the show progresses on, lets take a look at fives wives of Brady Williams.

Brady William's first wife is Paulie who is a 41-year dental hygienist and has been in wedlock with Brady Williams for more than 21-years. Brady and Pualie have six children together namely Karlie, 21, Joshua, 19, Madeline, 17, September, 15, Maura, 13, and Camry, 10.

Karlie is already married and contrary to her parents is living a monogamous lifestyle.

Robyn, 40, is Brady's second wife and he married her just after nine months of marrying Paulie. Robyn has an inclination towards arts and crafts and she has five children with Brady: Hannah, 20, Lauren, 17, Dane, 15, Thomas, 13, and Trey, 10

Rosemary who is also 40-year-old is Brady's third wife and is passionate about composing music and is studying to become a teacher. Apparently, before taking to music she use to work at Brady's construction company. Rosemary has four children Kimberly, 18, Taylor, 15, James, 14, and Brandon, 11.

Meet the fourth wife Nonie who met Brady in Montana and the couple had a long-distance relationship before they got hitched. Nonie not only gets to spend time with Brady at home but also at the construction company where they both work together. Brady and Nonie have five children together: Paul, 15, Rachel, 13, Marissa, 10, Aeyden, 8, and Tailee, 4.

The fifth and youngest wife of Brady is Rhonda who is 34-year-old and works as a medical assistant. She has been married to Brady for 14-years and has four children Eden, 13, Lake, 11, Arwen, 8, and Nikolas, 2.

"My Five Wives" Episode 2 will air on March 12. Stay tuned for further updates on the show.

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