'My Five Wives" Premiere is Shocking: Brady Williams And His Five Wives Sleep on Rotation Basis

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"My Fives Wives" star Brady Williams believes that publicly announcing his polygamous life style is a way of liberating himself from the shackles of society. In TLC's new show "My Fives Wives" we meet construction company owner Brady Williams, his five wives and yes their 24 children. The very first episode of the controversial show has an underlying message that sleeping with five different women is more fun than having one wife all throughout life.

Brady converted to polygamist sect as a teen and got hitched to five different women who all grew up in polygamist families. The family lives in five separate living spaces, which have been made by combining two houses in a family compound in a suburb of Salt Lake City.

Just like Kody Brown of popular show "Sister Wives," Brady is shown sleeping with different wives depending on the weekly rotation basis. Brady shares the bed with his wives on rotating pattern after having a chaotic family dinner with the whole family.

He is shown sleeping in different homes on different nights. So, basically he his hopping from one home to another every day and once the 5-day cycle gets over, he starts the sleeping pattern all over again. Brady is tired of attending to the needs of his five wives, who need him to talk intimately in the bed and get physical every night.  Brady shows up to work bleary eyed and unshaven and his brother Jared tells him that he will go mad living with the five wives.

Meanwhile, Brady's wives Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie and Rhonda have a strange lonely existence and each of them look forward to spend a night with Brady.

"I look forward to my nights with Brady, so we can catch up," says Nonie in an interview.

Robyn is shown having a meltdown on the night Brady comes to sleep with her. Unfortunately, Brady has paper to finish for his philosophy class (yes Brady also goes to university) on "her" night and she is forced to sleep alone.

"I already have so little time with him and now I have to go ten days instead of five," confesses Robyn.

Unlike "Sister Wives" there is no friendliness amongst the five wives of Brady; on the contrary they have a sad and despair filled life.

Let us know what you think about the premiere episode of "My Five Wives." How do you think will things unfold in episode 2? Will the wives start getting friendly with each other?

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