MWC 2014: Samsung Galaxy S5 'Could Haves'

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After all the hype for the next flagship smartphone of Samsung, it reached a boiling point and ended last Monday, when the Korean giant phone maker launched Galaxy S5. Hands-on reviews find it a great mobile device, with some new features and some useless features removed. Bigger screen, faster processor and longer battery life - are the major good points of the device.

Now, after Samsung unveiled Galaxy S5, smartphone lovers find it just a continuation of a year of boredom which started in 2013 when the excitement was too little. Consumers have indeed been spoiled.

Smartphone history

After Apple introduced smartphone through iPhone in 2007, smartphone innovation became so heavy and hot. More powerful mobile devices, touchscreens, app stores, faster speed and new innovative features caught the consumers off-handed with seemingly endless thrills.

After more than half a decade, phone makers hit the wall. High density displays do not bring excitement anymore; processors which are either quad- or eight-core do not offer drastic improvements in performance and introduction of new features started to crawl.

The Galaxy Line

In 2013, Samsung introduced its flagship phone Galaxy S4. However, consumers found S4 as just a repetition update which failed to meet the high hopes of many consumers. Another failure is that it also fails in sales. Now comes Samsung Galaxy S5, which at this early is regarded by many as another repetition; and the excitement dies down.

It would have been better if Samsung let S5 had a quad HD screen. It is twice the resolution of the current 1080p smartphone displays.  Just like S4, it could have two versions like a "standard" and a "prime". It should have two processor options, just like S4. However, sources said that Samsung intended two versions of the S5. Yet, the device only came out with a single version. Perhaps Samsung intends to keep the other version a secret.

From what we have now, it seems that this year will be another iteration year. We are going to see great phones launched and the Galaxy S5 is one of them. The newly-launched flagship phone of Samsung still has new features that we appreciate, like the battery-saving mode which can manage to stay alive for 24 hours with only 10 per cent charge. Great screen size, faster processor, longer battery life, heart rate monitor, fingerprint sensor and many other features make it a very promising smartphone. Whatever the customers feel about it, let the S5 sales reflect their sentiment.

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