MWC 2014 Launch: Samsung Galaxy S5 Enhancements Are Practical

By @judithaparri on

The wait for the next Samsung flagship smartphone (nearly a year since the device' forerunner was launched) is over when the titan phone maker from South Korea launched in MWC Barcelona Samsung Galaxy S5. On the first day of the Mobile Congress on Monday, the device was disclosed and was known to the public.

Samsung Galaxy S5 features enhancements that aim more in making it indispensable, rather than placing crazy features that can make it stand out from the rest.  The device does not deliver everything that Samsung fans hoped. In the conference, the company highlighted the features which matter most to the consumers. These include an improved camera with a 16-megapixel sensor, battery life and speed.


Design-wise, the phone's back changed to a perforated texture similar to an adhesive bandage with its indented dotted rubberized case that makes holding it interesting and easier than iPhone 5s and HTC One (without case). The rest just look like Galaxy S4 which leaves those who hope for a more metal backing disappointed.

Longer Battery Life

The device's practical enhancements may mean solving everyday problems. For instance, the horrible feeling when your phone is just less than 10 percent charged. The company boasts that the device can last 24 hours on standby which is enough time to charge again, to get a call or text message from family and friends.


The Galaxy S5 is water-resistant, and being so could give you peace of mind. You can stand with it in the rain, in the snow, but not when swimming, scuba diving or washing.

Fingerprint Scanner

S5 has a fingerprint scanner that can be used not only for unlocking the phone but in other purposes as well. It can be utilized to access separate sections and personal files, or as mobile payment validation. In collaboration with Paypal, S5 users can authorize payments with a touch of their enrolled finger. This feature seems to further entice the company's growing enterprise user base.

Heart-Rate Monitor

The S5 has focus to be a workout companion. It has a heart-rate monitor, a feature that is found in Samsung's new wearable items which were revealed on Monday. The monitor is so small, next to the flash.

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