Must Watch Time-Lapse Video: McFly Singer Tom Fletcher Documents His Wife's Pregnancy in a Cute Viral Video with Original Song

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Internet today is exploding with time-lapse videos. You may have come across several noteworthy videos. The one that has recently created enough buzz on the internet is a cute documentary about different stages of pregnancy. English pop rock band McFly's lead singer Tom Fletcher has recorded his wife Giovanna's pregnancy in a very creative manner. Together they have created a time-lapse video titled "From Bump to Buzz" which has now gone viral. Scroll down to watch the video.  

The time-lapse video that documents the birth of Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna's child Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher consists of snapshots that the singer star took every day during his wife's nine-month pregnancy. He then compiled all these snapshots showing different stages of pregnancy to create an adorable time-lapse video.

Proud parents of Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher were blessed with their bundle of joy on March 13, 2014. The three-minute video shows their journey through pregnancy. They decided to share their journey with the world through this video that Tom Fletcher posted on video sharing Web site

The video is created in grey scale and features a snap shot from each day of nine-month pregnancy. It begins with McFly singer strumming the guitar in a room at his home. And soon he is joined by his wife as he begins to sing the song he composed for the special occasion called "Something New." The song describes how he feels as he is about to step into new life.

As the video flips snapshots from each day of nine-month pregnancy, it shows how her baby bump grew in size over the period of time. The video ends with Tom Fletcher and Giovanna together, holding their new born in their arms. At the end, there is an adorable snapshot of Buzz.

The time-lapse video "From Bump to Buzz" was posted on March 20, 2014 and has garnered more than 6,000,000 views. This is not the first time for Tom Fletcher and Giovanna featuring in a personal video that has gone viral. Previously, Tom Fletcher sang a song called "My Wedding Speech" to his wife Giovanna as his wedding vows. The video went viral and became an internet sensation.

Watch the viral time-lapse video "From to Bump to Buzz" by McFly's Tom Fletcher, below. And let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video: From Bump to Buzz

Credit: Tom Fletcher


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