Must-Watch: Asa Baker-Rouse, 6, Tells a Story about Life, Waiting, and Being 'Scared'

Why is "6-Year-Old Creates Oscar-Worthy Film" Trending on Twitter?

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Bianca Giaever, from Middlebury in Vermont, is a member of the social video sharing site Vimeo. She talked to a 6-year-old boy about a movie he may have in mind. The boy, Asa Baker-Rouse, dished more than just a concept. And Giaever translated it into a wonderful short film.

6-Year-Old Tells Story for a Movie: 'the Scared is scared' (Image: Bianca Giaever via Vimeo)

"I asked a six year old what my movie should be about, and this is what he told me," writes Giaever on Vimeo. The video was uploaded six days ago, but it started drawing praises only recently. Mashable called the story, "Oscar-worthy."

The video shows how 6-year-old Asa Baker-Rouse imagines his story right from the beginning, with the word "start" in box within a box.

One day, a "big, enormous" bear told a mouse they should go to a swimming pool," begins the story. Asa is quite detail-oriented, even pointing out the scenes where he'd use sound effects. What viewers get is a delightfully fascinating takeaway thought about life, letting go, pizza, and all things you like. The theme is pretty catchy, too.

One day, a bear and a mouse decided to go to a swimming pool. 6-Year-Old Tells Story for a Movie: 'the Scared is scared' (Image: Bianca Giaever via Vimeo)

Here are some of the comments on Giaever's video:

I love love love this! And I love that I know Asa's mom and Bianca knows my son. That's one of the many small world things I love about Vermont! - Julie Benay

This is pretty special in lots of different ways. You have a new fan. - Ronen V.

WHAT. this is amazing and incredible and i love it and it's great. what a beautiful exchange! you helped this lovely six year old tell his story... i'm sure this process challenged you creatively... and we all learned what to do when we're scared! - Riley Hooper


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