Must-Try Sports And Racing Games For iOS Devices

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About 76 of the most important, must-try gaming apps are available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices ranging from puzzles to role plays.

They have videos, download links and reviews. Macworld presented the following must-try games in the Sports and Race genre:

Football Manager Handheld (£6.99)

The Football Manager fans probably have mixed feelings with the game landing on iOS. This handheld version provides simplified experience in management. It is serious and very addictive. Football fans and other will surely be enthralled.

Joe Danger Touch (£1.99)

This was originally a pleasant surprise when it premiered on the Playstation 3 in 2010. Several efforts have been put to make its small screen transition as smooth as possible. Since then, the game has received a continuation and as a special edition on Xbox 360. The intuitive controls and gorgeous visuals of Joe Danger Touch are competent enough to make you forget you're playing on an iOS device.  You can easily tap to make Joe jump or clear an obstacle, or swipe to perform a trick. The controls are almost always flawless. Joe Danger Touch is a bright, addictive platform game designed for any developer interested in moving a console favorite to the App Store.

New Star Soccer (Free)

Either on or off the pitch, the free gaming app New Star Soccer gets you into many activities. Set up changes and score wonderful goals on the pitch while you can do training off the pitch while being dressed for success. Pull back the ball to set direction and power. Tap on the right angle for the curve to put the ball where you want it to be. A tribute to a great gameplay. This game is lovable even to those who are not football lovers.

Real Racing Series (£2.99/£4.99 For iPhone/iPad) 

This is a racing simulation game that features five different game modes: career, time trial, online league, quick race and local multiplayer challenges. Despite iPhone's technical limitations, the developers have opted for a realistic approach when it comes to graphics and sound. The player can opt to steer the car using the touchscreen or the accelerator that's played using iPhone's accelerometer. In the latter case, the player uses iPhone as a steering wheel to steer the car with actual steering movements. Breaking is always handled by touching the screen with a thumb. The game menus are also controlled through the touchscreen.

Ridiculous Fishing (£1.99)

It is ridiculous game about fishing. It is also one of the finest games on the App Store ever. Ridiculous Fishing has continually been the game players are unable to put down since its release. You play as one sitting on a boat with a fishing rod. The rod can ridiculously drop its line about a kilometer deep and surface with lots of fishes attached. From there, you tap the screen like mad to shoot the fish out of the sky, collect cash, unlock upgrades, and do it all over again. A simple, small concept realized with remarkable style and high humor, making it an amazingly compulsive game.

Super Stickman Golf (69p)

This is a great single-player game. It is easy to learn the controls and adjust trajectory with large virtual buttons. Tapping the Go circle twice will prompt you to choose power with the right physics. Multiplayer brings the game into excellence. Challenge a maximum of three local opponents over Bluetooth via Game Center, and race in real-time scores when hitting a hole. Adding some speed to the game requires no mental effort, but brings out its being funny. Although not as cute-looking as Angry Birds, the game is more fun.

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