Musician Tom DeLonge Encounters Multiple UFOs in San Diego

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Last August 25, Blink-182 musician Tom DeLonge saw multiple UFOs in the skies of San Diego while driving his car through California.

He shared his experience on social media with the following post:

LAST NIGHT UFO IN SAN DIEGO!! Hahaah yes!! My wife and I followed it for 30 mins, a fleet of cars were pulled over watching it with us. Some said they were watching it for an hour. It was 2 sets of lights, going in and out and popping up in different locations. Standard shit if you read about this stuff... HAHHA YES I WAS THERE. Does anyone know how happy I am!!??

The Angels and Airwaves rocker has been an active UFO researcher. He was researching for about 20 years now and he was thrilled with his most recent sighting. He considers himself an 'armchair academic' in the field of ufology and in a talk with George Knapp said that after his band, Blink-182, signed a record deal, he took his first cheque and bought a computer specifically to research UFOs on the Internet.

In addition to researching UFOs, he also developed an interest in researching the experts of the field and during the course of the research, he felt that Dr. Steven Greer was the leader in the field of ufology and even met him and discussed UFOs.

He has been so interested in UFOs that he has launched a website called Strange Times that focuses on extra-terrestial life, paranormal activity, conspiracy theories and it is temporarily down.

In an interview with Noise Creep, Tom DeLonge said he loved listening to the radio show, Coast to Coast, as it takes UFOs seriously. He said that his love for the topics on the show made him start his website, Strange Times. He even appeared on the show once and admitted that he takes more than casual interest in UFOs.

He said that most people do not follow the topics that he covers on Strange Times because they have become conditioned to follow the mainstream news and so they have the tendency of dismissing alternative type of headlines as they think it is a joke. He feels that most people consider UFO stories unreal and have become conditioned to think this way. 

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