Music Streaming Service Songl Closing Down in September

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Music streaming site Songl will be closing down in September. The venture between Sony Music, Universal Music and Southern Cross Austereo launched just 18 months ago.

“We’d really like to thank you for using Songl!” the message on its Web site reads. “Unfortunately, we are not continuing our on demand music subscription service after September 25, 2014.

“If you are a Songl Subscriber or 30 day trialist, you will get instructions on how to export and save all of your personal playlists via the desktop for use on other streaming services.”

The service launched in March 2013 under the umbrella of Digital Music Distribution (DMD), offering subscribers unlimited streaming for $12.99 per month after a 30-day free trial.

Unfortunately, its stakeholders have shifted their focus on another venture.

“Songl was a consumer-facing music streaming service we have jointly been committed to for the past two years. However, all stakeholders have moved their focus from this service into other music and content-based commitments that will enable each stakeholder to diversify their offering,” a statement from Southern Cross Austereo reads.

“Songl will ensure the transition from the platform for its trialists and subscribers will be seamless.”

Its users will be transferred to Omny, the company’s personalised radio app.

SCA continued, “The new future of SCA has an increased focus on music, understanding the role it plays for consumers and brands alike.

“The partner combination currently in place with Omny is strong and we are looking forward to a year of success driven out of product innovation to achieve boundary-pushing business experiences that give brands direct access to music solutions.”

Songl originally hit the market in October 2012, but closed after a few months. It re-launched in March with a simpler interface.

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