Music Lovers, Here Are Great Music Player Apps From Android

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For years, music lovers have changed their way of experiencing music. Mobile device trend delivers dramatic changes such as enabling us to carry music everywhere.  

Android is a huge community of music developers creating apps that offer exceptional music experience through our phones.

Here are five top music apps compiled by Androidcentral:

1.      DoubleTwist (Free With In-app Buys)

With support of music, podcast and radio, DoubleTwist is an audio player with a combo. The app's Magic Radio feature provides a customized mix of songs based on your existing library or can also use DoubleTwist to instantly sync iTunes or Windows Media Player playlist from your PC to your phone via your flashdrives. DoubleTwist works with a horde of external devices streaming your tunes to your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Sonos speakers and many others.

2.      Equalizer+ (Free With In-app Purchases)

Equalizer+ is a modern generation and highly preferred music app utility player with the professional quality for a music moment of your style. It extends your player's capability with a great improvement of a five-band equalizer for more quality sound.

3.      Google Play Music (Free)

It has a wide range of access to a really huge online directory of music that you can stream (depending on its availability on your country) with a Google Play Music subscription. This cloud storage is a real value, which also means that you can take along your collection of music. As the name suggests, Google Play Music syncs with your Google account and does not require timely synchronization delays across multiple devices. It also offers good customized recommendations based on your listening habits and music library.

4.      Poweramp (Free Trial)

Poweramp has a very intuitive power UI and several adjustment options with seamless playbacks. An added feature is the option to customize the app with different themes to suit your taste. Album art and lyrics can also be integrated into the player providing a 10-band equalizer to help tweak your sound output and compatible with many audio formats. To give it a try, it will be easier to have that free 15-day trial and decide whether you love it or not.

5.      Shuttle Music Player (Free, Paid Version - $0.99)

Shuttle Music Player is a simple, lightweight yet powerful music player. It has a feature of built-in equalizer, lyrics, sleep-timer, gapless playback, artwork downloading and clean yet fresh Goggle Now style interface. You have the choices of free and paid versions. Your $0.99 will give you the most fantastic value for your money. Shuttle Music Player like Poweramp comes with various tons of settings and heavy customization preferences. It offers the right combo of features without being a mobile equivalent of a sound studio and fantastically easy to use with an internal Favorites Playlist.

Shuttle Player has a queue of the upcoming songs that you can view or edit. Manually shuffle songs through drag-and-drop or delete them from the queue using a long press or you can also add individual songs to the queue using the same process.

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