Murderers of Self-proclaimed Vampire Gigolo Acquitted

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Accused murderers of Australian self-proclaimed vampire gigolo Shane Chartres-Abbott were acquitted of the crime, following a trial that went on for two months and a seven-year investigation dubbed as Operation Briars.

The court ruled that accused Evangelos Goussis, 46; Warren Shea, 42; and Mark Perry, 46,  did not kill the male prostitute who used to claim that he is a vampire to lure patrons to his "service."

Perry refused to comment while Goussis could not understand why the court took the words of the witness, Jack Price, who apparently only testified after receiving the amount of $40,000, The Australian reports.

Tom Shea, father of accused Warren Shea, said that the trial had unwittingly spent the taxpayers' money and his own money. He is now calling for the court to reinvestigate Goussis' previous convictions

 "You have got a bloke in there now doing 35 years who never pulled a trigger. I don't know Ang but I have found out enough to see through this," Shea told The Australian.

Former Police Association Secretary Paul Mullett and former Victoria Police Assistance Commissioner Noel Ashby now appeal for a different trial that could look into how the Briars taskforce handled the case.

The whole investigation cost approximately $50 million.

"There was an earnest attempt to undermine the whole system, the process of criminal justice,by some individuals,'' Police Officer Peter Lalor, who had also been implicated by Price, said.

David ­Waters, a police who was also implicated by Price, said that he suspects Price could have murdered Chartres-Abbott.

 "Closure was snatched from within the grasp of the family and friends of the victim as a result of incompetence in the original investigation," Waters told court.

Price had allegedly entered an agreement with the Victorian Police and the Australian Crime Commission that involved repayment of his $40,000 tax debt, detail of which was revealed in a report from Victoria Police, revealing that ACC investigator Bernie Duggan negotiated with Australian Taxation Office on behalf of Price.

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