‘Murdered’ Soul Suspect Release Date – New Trailer Gives Extensive Look at Game

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A new trailer of "Murdered" Soul Suspect has been released ahead of the release of the game. The trailer gives the viewer a better understanding of how the game works and its gameplay features. Fans are already hooked to the gripping storyline and the action in the game.

"Murdered" Soul Suspect will be released on June 3 in America and on June 6 in Europe. The game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and on PC. People who pre-order the game are expected to get some bonuses.

"Murdered" Soul Suspect is the story of a detective Ronan O'Connor, who is a criminal-turned-police-detective. The game begins with his death at the hands of a serial killer called The Bell Killer. The game essentially is about finding out the serial killer and stopping him from committing more crimes.

The player in the game is a ghost with some limitations while interacting with the material world. A player will not be able to pickup objects to examine them. But being a ghost comes with certain advantages and supernatural abilities like being able to see what happened at a particular location in the past.

"Murdered" Soul Suspect allows the player to interact with other ghosts, study clues, possess people to learn what they are thinking and will also get a human partner later, who can hear Ronan. The player will need to piece together all the information and catch the killer.

Fans are excited over a lot of action in the game coupled with mystery and suspense. The player will need to fight off demons in the game, which are out to eat any soul that crosses their path.

Players explore the town of Salem in "Murdered" Soul Suspect. The mystery of the town is linked to the serial killer and there may be a reason why Ronan O'Connor is leading this investigation from beyond the grave. Many of the fans are happy that the new game can be something refreshing after playing a lot FPS games.

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