‘Murder in the First’ Casting: ‘Harry Potter’ Star Tom Felton Plays Prime Suspect

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“Murder in the First,” TNT’s brand new series, is quite different from other detective drama shows as it is showcasing two murders that might be linked in the entire season. Steven Bochco and Eric Lodal are the creators of the show. “Harry Potter” star Tom Felton is the main suspect in the show.

Tom is renowned for playing Draco Malfoy in the "Harry Potter" movies and is now ready for his first TV show as a regular cast member.

Zap2it talks to Tom and other cast members of "Murder in the First" about the show and creator Steven Boncho.

Tom states this is something very different from his past assignments. He also praises the cast and crew members.

"Not just the very talented cast, but the crew as well and what it takes to get nine or ten more pages done a day," says Tom.

The "Harry Potter" actor is sharing the screen with James Cromwell, Steven Weber, Richard Sciff, Currie Graham and Bess Rous.

Apart from the experienced cast and crew, the 10-episode storyline was fascinating for Tom.

He mentions this is his first experience. "10 episodes feels like a good chunk and a good body," the actor says.

Tom reveals the actors are not told about their character's direction.

"Each episode is about a new education of into the characters and the stories. It certainly went a different way than I was expecting which makes it a little nerve-racking at first, but I find it exciting," Tom reveals.

Tom jokes the cast members are already speculating and pointing fingers at each other. They have thought about all the possibilities.

The actor talks to IGN.com about his character, Erich Blunt.

"Well, Eric and I, when we first talked about it, he was like, "He's the future rock star." How Guns 'n Roses and The Beatles were idolized in their time, the rock stars of today are now these young tech guys, people who essentially have very little social skills, weren't the cool kids at school," Tom stated.

"He's not a villain at all. I just see him as a guy who doesn't have an ability to empathize or to really care about someone else's feelings. His vision and his dreams are so strong -- I feel like his path of thought is so above what everyone else is thinking that he's definitely a unique individual," adds Tom.

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