Munich Legalises Public Nudity, Names 6 Designated Nudist Zones

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The German city of Munich would be the haven for naturists and at the same time a paradise for peeping Toms. The third largest city in the country just legalised public nudity after the lapse last autumn of statewide laws banning nude sunbathing.

However, while naturists are limited to six designated nudist zones, none of these areas have fences or are located in hidden spots, so anyone who wants to feast his or her eyes on eye candy bodies could freely do so, although that may mean he or she must also be wearing nothing except the birthday suit so as not to be suspected of being in the place to peep.

Also in some place such as public saunas, clothed people are asked to take off their cover so as not to make the naked ones uncomfortable. These places are generally naked-only and mixed sex zones, although there are some single gender days also.

The six nudist zones are in Flaucher, Brudermuhkbruckle, Mittlere-Isar-StraBe, Eisbach, behind the Haus der Kunst, Schwabinger Bucht and Feldmonchinger See.

Even if there was a law banning public nudity, it was common to see naked bodies sunbathing at city spots such as Englischer Garten and Isar River.

East Germany opened the first naturist beach in 1920. Observers believe the absence for a long period of strong religious influence is the reason why East Germans have lesser inhibitions about showing their nude bodies in public.

With the two Germanies reunified in the early 1990s, Germany has become more open, with the country recently hosting the Naked Sledding World Congress at the spa town of Braunlage.

However, a former tour guide shared that on some occasions, some tourists enter the nude zones armed with roving zoom lens which are the indicators that these visitors have other intentions than just giving their epidermis a healthy dose of free Vitamin C.

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