Multiple Attacks in Iraq Kill Civilians

By @snksounak on

A minimum of 46 people are reported to be killed in multiple attacks in Iraq on Sunday.

The killings have been a result of multiple attacks in public places like wedding parties and coffee shops all over the country. Several Off-duty army personnel in a vehicle were also killed in an attack.

The country has been facing the worst bloodshed in its history since 2008. The Sunday attacks were a part of the atrocity which has already killed over 3,000 people during a few months in the past. The incessant killings have once again put a question mark on the capability of the security forces in the country. The forces have miserably failed in protecting the people.

One fears that the shadow of death constantly hovering around the country may lead to a civil war eventually. The clash between the ethnic and sectarian divisions seems to be taking the country to its rock bottom in terms of progress and stability.

Militants showed adamant fearlessness when they set up one fake checkpoint, capturing 5 soldiers and shooting those dead eventually. The murdered soldiers were in plain clothes. They were traveling in a car to come back to their base. A grocer was killed inside Mosul by gunmen.

Many of the people who got killed on Sunday happened to be civilians who were busy in doing their usual work in spite of the risks involved in leading a normal life under such volatile circumstances in the country. Another attack killed 3 nurses along with a man. The people who were walking harmlessly nearby were killed in a car bomb explosion.

Another car bomb killed 4, while 12 got injured in Madaen, around 15 miles from the southeastern part of the capital. A group of young men was playing football when they were attacked with a bomb. Four of them got killed, while 13 of them were severely wounded.

Baquba was also hit with multiple blasts, one of which killed 4 in a convoy heading toward one wedding party. Public places like coffee shops, markets, residential and commercial neighbourhoods were attacked in Baghdad as well.

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