Much-Awaited Mazda MX-5 Limited Edition in Australia

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40 limited edition Mazda MX-5s have arrived and available for sale in Australia.

As a part of 25th anniversary of Mazda MX-5, 1000 cars were launched as a limited edition for a farewell gift to its fans. The launch of all new next generation MX-5 is confirmed in September this year.

Mazda MX-5 limited edition was unveiled in New York International Show in April this year. It had been a sell-out success in U.S. In Japan, it reportedly sold out in just few minutes.

Australian fans were equally waiting for their turn to get their hands on this wonder machine. It is anticipated to be a sell-out affair here as well as according to latest reports, 13 cars have already been booked in advance by local enthusiasts.

40 Mazda MX-5s are allocated to Australia in which 24 are manual and 16 in automatic mode.

Mazda MX-5s is one of the bestselling two seated sports car with all the best features available in the automobile industry. The much-acclaimed car gives unique roadster experience with wonderful agility and a thrilling driving feel.

It has a sleek soft top. With just a push of the button, it can become smoothly from a sturdy roadster to a sophisticated convertible.

The limited and special edition Mazda MX-5s is available in striking metallic soul red paint. This is complimented with off white leather upholstery with black paint on mirror, roof and windscreen frame. In addition, it comes with stainless steel scuff plates with a very attractive and unique 25th anniversary logo.

Customers fortunate enough to finally buy the car will be gifted with a 'His and Her' limited edition MX-5 branded Tourneau Commemorative watch set which is a unique offer of its kind.

Mechanical components of Mazda MX-5s are as classic as its stunning looks. It is fitted with a petrol engine with four cylinders of 2-litres capacity. It has a power of 118kw at 7000rpm.

Mazda MX-5s was launched in 1989.Till date, 9,40,000 MX-5s are sold all around the world. It is also registered with Guinness book of World Records as bestselling 2 seated sports cars with 178 awards under its kitty.

Mazda MX-5s give a unique and extremely thrilling driving experience to its owners due to its light weight and quick pick up features.

Mazda MX-5s is a luxury car and is much-awaited by auto enthusiasts. Its price is ranging from $48,380 for manual to $49,990 for the automatic version.

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