MTV's 'Faking It' First New Show to Be Picked Up for Second Season

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There's no faking it. MTV's "Faking It" captured the attention of the viewers and with this, comes the decision to give it another season, which will comprise of 10 episodes, up two from the first season. Starring newcomers Katie Stevens and Rita Volk, the show's second season is set to air in 2015. Fans of the unique teen TV show can rejoice, Hollywood Reporter confirms.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the half hour series was even the first new scripted entry picked up to series under Susanne Daniels.

"Faking It has proved to be the perfect companion show to Awkward, retaining nearly 90 percent of its lead in each week," Daniels announced on Monday. "We're excited about Carter Covington's delicious plans for season two."

Faking It is about two teenage girls trying to raise their popularity score by pretending to be lesbians and realizing that they might have real feelings for each other after all. The comedy opened in April to 1.17 million viewers. The first season is comprised of 8 total episodes, the first seven of which garnered an average of 948,000 viewers. It is also MTV's highest-rated new series launched on 2014. It has a high rating of 1.5 among viewers with ages 12 to 34. The finale airs Tuesday.

Showrunner Carter Covington cannot be happier. To think he has reservations about the show at first. It can be remembered that he did not think the show will fly at first, but realized in the end that the show depicts a true picture of high school now.

"It isn't this monolith that we expect, that high school's just this horrible place for gay youth," Covington says, looking back on experience working with the Trevor Project, where he worked with a lot of gay teens.

"There are places where you're celebrated for being an individual. I decided to take that and run with it and turn it into a high school that is the most accepting and tolerant high school that we've seen on television," Ibtimes AU reports.

He also shared he never imagined doing another teen-oriented show after "10 Things I hate About You" and "Greek".

"If you told me five years ago that I'd be doing another high school show I would have laughed," he says; "I thought I'd said everything I had to say" Covington added.

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