MTV Star Diem Brown Now Battles Colon Cancer After Struggling With Ovarian Cancer Twice

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Diem Brown has battled cancer from age 23. In the course of nine years, the MTV star has battled ovarian cancer twice, showing courage as she strives to work and survive from the deathly disease at the same time. However, she's now facing her toughest battle yet: a newly-diagnosed colon cancer.

People Magazine learned while shooting for a new reality show overseas, the actress, now 32, collapsed and had to be airlifted to New York, she immediately went under the knife. The actress's sister, Megan Brown shared to People that there is a new tumor found to be blocking her colon completely and an immediate surgery was necessary that evening. Unfortunately, even though one tumor blocking her colon was removed successfully, the doctors found more tumors inside, the sister shared.

The sister also shared that Diem had to undergo a second emergency surgery three days later when the first operation caused an infection on her abdomen. Currently, the reality star is recuperating in the ICU and is already in a stable condition. She is still however, closely monitored by doctors and is bound in bed for two more weeks. Megan shared more of her sister's ordeal at the hospital.

"The second surgery was two steps back," says Megan. "But hopefully in the next few weeks she'll be well enough to start chemo."

"She's in and out," Megan adds. "She's on a lot of medication but every once and awhile you'll see her spirit, the light back in her eyes."

Diem became a household name after partaking on MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the tender age of 23, and as a result, got one ovary, multiple lymph nodes and a part of her fallopian tube removed. Her cancer returned when she reached 30 in 2012 and she dealt with it by writing about her journey in a blog for

Just earlier this month, Brown shared to that cliché as it sounds, cancer did change her as a person. She appreciates life more and she's trying to "live every day to the fullest" and appreciate everything. 

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