Ms. BumBum Continues to Stalk Cristiano Ronaldo After Sex Scandal Last Year

Brazilian celebrity kicked out of Portugal training session
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A fan wears a bird costume with the name of Cristiano Ronaldo on the chest while posing for other fans with Andressa Urach
A fan wears a bird costume with the name of Cristiano Ronaldo on the chest while posing for other fans with Andressa Urach, a Brazilian model and actress who painted her upper body with Portugal's national soccer jersey, outside Portugal's hotel as the team arrived in Campinas, June 11, 2014. Portugal plays their first match of the 2014 World Cup on June 16 against Germany. REUTERS

Cristiano Ronaldo has a lot more to worry about in the 2014 FIFA World Cup than just his activities on the pitch. The international superstar is in the center of controversial security issues because of a fan who's been stalking him during the games. A minor Brazilian celebrity, called Ms. BumBum in the press because of her participation in the Ms. BumBum beauty contest designed to find the best booty in Brazil, has been ejected from the Portuguese Team's training grounds last week right before the team came out.

Andressa Urach, apart from being a former Ms. BumBum contestant, is also a host for the Brazilian TV program  "Muito Show." She apparently showed up in the training grounds at Estadio Moises Lucarelli in Campinas with a microphone in hand and carrying press accreditation to gain access to the World Cup. No disruptive behaviour was reported from Ms. Bumbum during this incident but she is considered as a persona-non-grata in the Portuguese camp after reports surfaced last year that she claims to have slept with Cristiano Ronaldo, in effect accusing him of cheating on his girlfriend, supermodel Irina Shayk.

Ronaldo vehemently denied the claims made by Urach last year, which came out right before a crucial Real Madrid UEFA Champions League match against German side Borussia Dortmund where they lost 4-1.

"I was informed that The Sun, faithful to its editorial line, will publish an article where is given voice to a so called Andressa... someone seeking the limelight on my account. And I wonder why this happens one day before a very important game for my team..." said Ronaldo insinuating that the report may be a ploy to distract him from the crucial game.

"Deeply outraged ... by a situation intended, in vain, to affect my personal life. I just want to clarify I was in fact at the Hotel Villa Magna on April 22 giving an interview to Manu Sainz, something the reporter himself is able to corroborate. Everything else is pure fiction and forgery."  he said.

Ms. BumBum, meanwhile posted on her Instagram after the ejection incident and said that she was only doing her job and was sent by her director from the  "Muito Show" to gather material for the program. She ended up getting her press credentials taken away to which she responded by saying that there is no freedom of expression.

Ms. BumBum has also been spotted hanging around Portugal's hotel topless, sporting only body paint in Portugal's team colours. She has found a new friend in a giant Donald Duck costume wearing Portuguese colours as well.

Ronaldo now has a mountain to climb with his team as they lie at the bottom of the group with only one point on the board after losing to Germany in their opening game and only managing a draw against the USA.  Portugal will face Ghana for their final group stage match on June 26.

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