Movies: Pirates of Caribbean 5 Release Date, Star Wars: Episode VII Cast - Harrison Ford Injury Update, Fantastic Four Reboot Update

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Actor Harrison Ford poses for photographers at a question and answer event
Actor Harrison Ford poses for photographers at a question and answer event about his new film "Enders Game" at a cinema at Leicester Square in central London in this file photo taken October 7, 2013. Ford has undergone surgery on his broken left leg that was injured in an accident on the set of "Star Wars: VII," the publicist for the 71-year-old actor said in a statement on Thursday. REUTERS

"Star Wars: Episode VII," "Fantastic Four" Reboot and "Pirates of Caribbean" 5 are the most awaited movies for the fans. Here is the latest update about these three movies

 "Star Wars: Episode VII"

Harrison Ford, in June, broke his leg in an accident on the set at London's Pinewood Studios. The actor, who is returning to "Star Wars" to reprise his role of Han Solo, is recovering well, according to his co-actor, Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the original "Star Wars" triology.

"I was not on set. It was really terrible but I hear he's doing really well. It will take more than that to stop Harrison Ford," Hamill said to BBC. Hamill, too, is returning to reprise his role in the upcoming "Star Wars" movie.

Speaking about his return to the "Star Wars" set, the actor told the BBC, "It was certainly unexpected. I already had a beginning, middle and end. I never thought we'd come back. To go on to those sets that evoked so many memories. It is just astonishing."

"Pirates of Caribbean" 5

Captain Jack Sparrow is not eturning soon, with his new adventure. Disney has announced that the fifth installment of "Pirates of Caribbean" is scheduled to hit the screens on July 07, 2017.

The original plan was to release the movie, at one time titled "Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales," on July 10, 2015. Last year, it was reported that there were issues with the script and thus the movie's release date has been pushed to 2016.  Jerry Bruckheime, producer of the movie, said at the time to The Hollywood Reporter, "We have an outline everyone loves but the script is not done."

According to reports, the movie also got delayed due to "budgetary concerns." Jeff Nathanson has now been roped-in to write the screenplay of the fifth movie in the 'Pirates' franchisee. Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg are donning the director's hats.

Forbes recently reported that "Pirates of Caribbean" 4 is the most expensive movie in history, with production costs a whopping $410.6 million.    

"Fantastic Four" Reboot

The new instalment of "Fantastic Four" has yet to get a name, but new details keep surfacing. The movie, which is scheduled to release on June 19, 2015, is going to be more grounded in reality. Simon Kinberg, writer and producer, said to ScienceFiction, "It's a much more grounded, gritty, realistic movie than the last couple movies."

"If I had to say, the tone of it would be somewhere on the spectrum between "Spider-Man" and "Chronicle". The other movies were even further on the spectrum of being goofy and fun than "Spider-Man"," Kinberg said.   

Recently in an interview with Latino Review, Kinberg said that they are in the middle of the shooting, adding, "there are so many things we are doing different from the previous film and so many things different from other comic books films." 

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