Move Over Twerking, 'Lawrencing’ is Here!

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Twerking is so last year and Miley Cyrus is so 2013. Jennifer Lawrence is dominating the World Wide Web now with her famous "Lawrencing." Thanks to her Christian Dior dress, Jennifer Lawrence is starting a new internet phenomenon that has all fans emulating her famous dress and even pets are joining the internet trend.

The "American Hustle" is the life of the party on the recent 2014 Golden Globe Awards as she won for the second time around the Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy or Musical Award. This only shows that the actress can talk about her bowel movement, photobomb Taylor Swift and won the Golden Globe all in the same night.

There is no question that the actress can charm her way out, and make an embarrassing situation looks like she is just having fun. "Teen Wolf" star Colton Hayes jumpstart the "Lawrencing" party when he posted a picture of himself emulating the "American Hustle" actress and her famous Dior gown, and imitating her facial expression when she photobomb her friend Taylor Swift.

The photo went viral instantly riding on the hype of Lawrence Golden Globe victory and the stunt she pulled on the red carpet. And right after Colton posted his Jennifer Lawrence meme, twerking is ancient history as "Lawrencing" is the new hype of today.

Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram are on fire as fans upload their very own version of "Lawrencing" as hundreds of pictures have surfaced online wearing white sheets with two black belts, or a duct tape. Here are some of the Twitter reactions of Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globe gown.

Chris Wallace @ChrisWallace101 - I'm so embarrassed. Jennifer Lawrence and I have the same dress.

Cinton Kelly @clinton_kelly - Typical Monday. "Hey, Mary! Do you think I can convince Jennifer Lawrence to be my bestie?" #lawrencing

Ellie Rountree (@elspethjane) - The dress wa overshadowed the others including Margot Robbie's sexy white dress, Olivia Wilde's dazzling sheath and Mila Kunis' metallic gown.   However Emma Watson's dress also proved to be a big talking point. 

Gui Moraes (@guiimooraes) - Oh look, @ChristieM and @joemarchese's puggle has the same dress as Jennifer Lawrence.

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