Move Over, One Direction: What About Tonight Is Australia's Newest Boyband Craze [PHOTOS and VIDEOS]


It looks like Australia has an answer for One Direction: the boys of What About Tonight.

"WAT," or short for What About Tonight," is the latest musical sensation to capture the attention of young girls everywhere, and the latest group to trend in social media sites. The self-proclaimed "One Direction-inspired" group has been appearing on the X-Factor as competitors, and it won't be long until they step on worldwide acclaim.

"WAT" consists of teenage boys hailing from different parts of Australia; such as Queensland, Victoria, and Sydney. Mitchell Cave, Christian Anthony, Luke Howell, Tyrone Georgiadis, and Brock Jays came together and formed the group to stitch their individual love for music and performing.

Currently, What About Tonight has over 20,000 likes on their Facebook page, and collectively urging fans to spread their dream of performing alongside their idols, One Direction, someday.

Just like One Direction, the boys of What About Tonight has a flair for fashion and dressing like preppy heartthrobs. And following the famous British boyband, WAT also has a member with his hair side-swept and messy ala Harry Styles.

"One Direction is our inspiration, and hope to one day perform with them!" writes members of What About Tonight in their official website.

Watch videos of What About Tonight as they perform to win in X-Factor Australia.

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