Move Over Facebook and Twitter, It's Time for Instagram

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The advent of posting updates and tweeting slowly move to the sideline as they give way for instant pictures to take the lead in social networking activities among teens.

According to the recent semi-annual survey of Piper Jaffray entitled Taking Stock with Teens, thirty percent (30%) of the respondents now prefer Instagram as their most important social networking site.

The site climbed seven notches higher from just twenty-three percent (23%) during the Fall 2013 survey surpassing the previous posts of Facebook and Twitter.

In a CNET report, Gene Munster the senior analyst and managing director of Piper Jaffray stated, ""We saw Instagram take the mantle for the most preferred social teen site."

This new lead status of Instagram  with 200 million active users per month comes after Facebook's popularity plunged down from forty two percent (42%) in the Fall 2012 report down to just twenty-three percent (23%). In a short span of less than two years, the site now lands on the third spot .

Meanwhile, Twitter which overtook Facebook during the Spring 2013 survey is now a bit down to just twenty-seven (27%) percent is now in the second spot.

The survey which covered 7,500 teens from 48 states in the United States just shows that young people easily changed alliance for their social network sites so companies have to strategize in order to keep up with the changing trends.

Good thing, Facebook had the foresight and bought Instagram way back in 2012 so even if it's under a new name, the company still have the technologically-adept generation to their loop.

From far behind, Google+ was up by one notch and has now four percent (4%) share from the previous three percent (3%).

Tumblr also increased a bit from four percent (4%) in the previous survey to five percent (5%) in the latest results.

Pinterest which plummeted down to one percent (1%) is now back to its plateau at two percent (2%) just like its standing in the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 surveys.

Other social networking sites not anymore specifically mentioned in the survey also rose from two percent (2%) in the previous survey to four percent (4%) just like its fare in the Spring 2013 results.

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