Move Over Chris Brown: Rihanna Gushes Over Why Drake is a Better Boyfriend than Her Ex

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Rhanna has been single for the longest time following split from singer Chris Brown. Reuters

Love is definitely in the air for Rihanna and Drake. After their steamy PDA during the Clippers game in Los Angeles, fans are more than ever sure that the pop stars are more than just good friends. Rihanna is said to be happier and more satisfied with the way things are panning out between her and Drake, reports.

Drake just knows how to get the trust of Riri, especially since the Barbados born singer has had a very tumultuous past relationship with "With You" singer Chris Brown. It can be remembered that Rihanna got out of the abusive relationship scathed-in 2009, news broke out that Chris Brown beat Rihanna excessively in what seemed like a bout of anger due to Rihanna's continuous interrogation of the pop star.

Seems like those days are the thing of the past; according to, Rihanna wants to let the whole world know that she is explicitly satisfied with her new man, Drake. More than just lip service, Rihanna particularly adores Drizzy because he would do anything for her, as opposed to her vain and conceited ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

Drake is said to be treating Rihanna like a Queen and it is pretty obvious; the sexual chemistry is oozing in every picture they are in together. The tiny spark in their eyes when they look at each other is undeniable; Rihanna is not afraid to be pictured by the paparazzi getting close and intimate with the "From Time" rapper. More than being a gentleman to Riri, Drake also extends the same respect and courtesy to all of Rihanna's friends and family.

"With Drake, he makes sure everyone in the crew is all right and chill and having a good time...He makes sure everyone is happy." A close source to Drake revealed to

In fact, Drake surprised Rihanna when he attended Mel Forde's birthday, Rihanna's best friend whom she treats as a sister. Even if he was not obliged to do so, he graced the birthday bash to show Riri that he cares not only for her but also for all the people whom the "Shine Bright Like a Diamond" singer treasures as well.

That is certainly a far cry from Chris Brown.

"Chris wasn't nice to Rihanna like he should have been...He would talk to her crazy and wasn't polite to us and the rest of her friends. It was all about him. He made her feel guilty about things and the vibe wasn't right," the close source further revealed.

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