Motorola's Moto 360 Smartwatch: Extremely Difficult to Manufacture, Limited Availability

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    The Brand New "Moto 360" (Leather) from The Offical Motorola Blog The Offical Motorola Blog
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    Motorola Moto 360 (credit: Motorola)
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Motorola has released a video and pictures of upcoming Moto 360 smartwatch. Everyone started praising the chic and rich design of the watch.

The "round" dial became an instant hit. Motorola revealed the device would be built with premium materials. The watch almost looked like a fashionable luxury item.

Powered by Google's Android SDK (Android Wear), an accelerated version of the operating system is designed specifically for wearables to tap the potential wearables market.

Notably, there are two wristband variants to choose from such as leather and metal.

You can click this link to read about the features of Moto 360.

Motorola's Moto 360 did not leave any stone unturned to set itself apart in this space by showcasing a round watch design. Other smartwatch makers have been offering rectangular or square designs due to logical impediments. 

The circular components or round dials make them extremely difficult to manufacture in large quantities. Motorola might have to endure a limited supply in all the countries it plans to launch the smartwatch. The other significant option is to cut back on launch locations, CNet claimed.

According to reports, the circular components and boards are currently not very common and the chips required for the watches are not designed to get accommodated in small circular housings. 

Google also introduced its brand new Android Wear SDK to Samsung, LG, Asus and HTC as hardware partners, the report noted

Motorola Moto 360 is believed to launch this summer in the U.S., followed by other countries. Motorola did not shed light on the pricing or the features department. So we might have to wait a little more to gain access to those details.

Could this smartwatch be the game changer in the wearable devices sphere? Are you planning on buying Moto 360?

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