Motorola X-Phone Release Date to Hit First on U.S. Carrier AT&T? [PHOTOS]

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Motorola's rumoured flagship, the X-Phone, is spotted this week in new leaked images, which strongly suggested that the Android handset's 2013 release date is programmed to hit the U.S. shores first.

A set of fresh pictures, provided by prolific gadget news leaker @evleaks, landed on blogosphere this week, depicting what looked like as the pretty-looking Motorola X-Phone in a glorious black profile.

As the smartphone represents the initial full collaboration between Google and Motorola, since the latter became a division of the internet search giant, it is highly expected that the unit is among the first carrier of the latest Android upgrade - which could be Jelly Bean 4.3 or Key Lime Pie.

The refreshed platform, of course, will be unpacked in a vanilla serving.

But will it be free of the annoying bloatwares? As seen in the images, Google and Motorola will be releasing the X-Phone with some form of trade offs. In this particular case, the handset is laced with AT&T free apps.

Not it is up to future X-Phone owners to appreciate the wisdom of allowing third-party offerings on the hotly-anticipated device. The good news is, this partnership with network providers would ensure that X-Phone users will be access LTE services - that reads high-speed wireless internet.

This approach is likely to be replicated in other markets. In Australia, for instance, Motorola is reported to have forged an agreement with Telstra to go with the Motorola X-Phone distribution down under. Note that one Telstra executive referred to the Android handset as a 'game-changer'.

Aside from these new images from @evleaks, nothing is definite for the upcoming Motorola device but rumours are persistent that Google would want the X-Phone to deliver the latest in hardware and software specs.

It is likely too that the X-Phone will be introduced by Q3 2013, with a possible release date to happen between August and September.

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