Motorola X Phone as iPhone Killer? 5 Ways it Can Happen

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Motorola X Phone, the rumored upcoming offering from Google in time for May's I/O event, is creating much buzz online. Some blogs and reports claimed this new smartphone can kill the iPhone series, which typically sells millions of units within a couple of days from release date. It is one thing to create an almost palpable pressure on the competition; it's another to kill it. Perhaps all the hype is now putting pressure on Google itself, more than any other tech giant.

RELATED | Motorola X Phone is (the) Nexus 5 and Google's Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Poster Phone? [PHOTO] recently published this design concept as predicted by designer Jason Chen. The site reported this is Chen’s best guess as to how the next Google flagship phone will look like.

The Google Motorola X Phone is believed to come out with the latest hardware and features that no other Android device can match. Gadget shoppers are advised to take the rumours as they are, mostly items on some people's wish list. Still, here are five ways the X Phone can beat the iPhone over time, but only if Apple does not up its game in its next releases.

5 Ways Motorola X Phone Can Beat the iPhone

Cutting-edge screen display. Apple's Retina display technology has been the company's pride since it came out. There are now several smartphones offering crisp, stunning display including Samsung. Motorola X Phone has to stand out with a cutting-edge technology, lest it becomes yet another phone unable to unmatch the iPhone screen (nothing else matters for some buyers).

Powerful specs under the hood, with strong connectivity features. Snapdragon 600 and 800 processors will be out by mid-year, according to Qualcomm. Devices will reportedly run around 75 per cent faster with these brain types. When the iPhone 5 came out, some critics fussed about its lack of NFC connectivity. Other phones are celebrated mainly for its strong 4G/LTE pickup. Active and busy people should be happy with their phone's speed and ability to connect through various means. The Motorola X Phone should be able to cater to such market.

Storage expansion feature. Apple iPhones have been able to maintain a pretty solid market despite its lack of storage expansion feature. But as more brands introduce new mobiles with extra storage options, more users demonstrate to others why they needed such a feature. The more people talk about anything, the more it sounds real. And so the feature gets increased demand.

Stellar battery performance. How much juice can the X Phone allow under its hood? Would it be the phone to take camping with? If Motorola X Phone users could watch videos, surf and play online games without quickly draining the battery, it will be able to live up to all the pre-unveiling hype.

Innovative marketing and effective pricing. Motorola X Phone should avoid pulling a Samsung when it comes to advertising the anti-iPhone way. It just takes off a lot of class and brilliance from a brand. It should market its best features without having to mention the competition. And the pricing should be competitive across various market segments.


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